There are many considerations to be made when hiring a firm to formulate a public affairs, community relations or research effort to complement an existing program or to implement a new component in corporate or community activism.  Experience tells us that four primary criteria mean the difference:

Experience-- Does the firm personnel understand their craft; have relevant experience and do they tailor a program for each client's specific needs?

Knowledge -- Have they worked in your segment area and do they have experience that is applicable to your needs as a business, association, institution, campaign, political or special interest group?

Leadership -- Can the firm bring to your organization new and successful ideas and programs that you might not otherwise have considered? Do they have the expertise to take you where you might not otherwise have considered going?

Capability -- Is the firm receptive to the knowledge you bring to the relationship and have the capability to incorporate it in the program?

Hibbard Associates has earned a reputation as reliable public affairs, community relations and research firm offering creative programs with an emphasis on results. 

Experience has taught us that the most successful public affairs and community relations efforts educate, inform and motivate. We recognize that budgets are a precious resource and are not to be squandered. We pride ourselves in being able to produce results while remaining within your budget.

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