Direct Mail -- Direct mail is an integral part of every community based effort -- powerful, targeted, affordable.  Hibbard Associates can quickly reach your supporters, allies and detractors using files of individual citizens or businesses.  Additional services can include copy writing, design, production and delivery management.

Research -- Research  -- polling, surveys, focus groups, individual interviews, analysis of secondary data -- is an essential planning tool when developing a strategy to influence governmental, community or political issues or to strengthen and support your entire plan. The power of reliable information can be used to generate news, inform policy makers and rally individuals.

Fundraising -- Hibbard Associates can provide design and execution of a fundraising plan, including identifying potential donors, supervision of the giving program, development of institutional capital campaigns, evaluating capital needs, quantifying the giving constituency, advising on adequate staff and volunteer campaign leadership and training.  Those with the most money may not always win, nothing more critical to success than adequate funding.

Grassroots Support -- Unlike traditional lobbying or conventional public relations, grassroots activism is executed at the community level involving a wider range of participants and stakeholders.  Disseminating information to the people you want to influence can create a bank of goodwill among important constituencies -- public, legislators or community leaders.  Properly executed grassroots programs may prevent the filing of detrimental legislation, reduce community objections to development, create cost efficiencies, develop beneficial community goodwill or assist with fundraising efforts.  Each grassroots program is individually tailored and targeted and can involve a combination of activities to encourage the formation of favorable opinions.  An out of state firm can implement a grassroots program, but knowing the State of Maine, its people and attitudes is a critical component for a successful grassroots effort.

Event Management -- Successful events from press conferences to fundraising benefits can be a critical component of public affairs programming.  Hibbard Associates can provide services including site selection, invitation, registration and press management, signage, audio visual and speakers.

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